Super Steyning hosts Super Series round 1

2nd woman overall - Rachel Perry

A year in the making, the wait was finally over, as Brighton Tri Clubs internal club competition finally kicked off at Steyning Triathlon with a very impressive 20 members competing for points, prizes, pride and pork (courtesy of Mr Chairman's post-race BBQ). 

It was a great day of camaraderie and support and of course some fantastic racing in the foothills of the fantastic Sussex Hills - with the headline results being grabbed by Rachel Perry (3rd overall) and Graeme Cox (2nd vet) amongst many other personal challenges being overcome and successes everywhere. 

In the words of our very own super-vet(erinarian):

"If I loved triathlon before, I REALLY love it now.

Yesterday I saw Joris finish his first triathlon with a massive grin on his face, I saw Laura C carve up 400 m effortlessly in the pool in under 6 minutes (which, incidentally made me lose my car key), I saw Richard knock nearly 3 minutes off his 800m swim time, I saw Rose racing with the biggest grin out of all us. Lots of people completed something they perhaps never thought was possible. Everyone had smiles on their faces (well, mostly, I think Matt was grimacing a bit during the run)."

For plenty of colour, I recommend you join the club forum pronto and read the rest of the race reports already being posted

Returning to the Super Series, it is Graeme Cox and Rachel Perry who put in some quite marvellous individual performances to pick up the top points after the first round, with the top spots being held by:

  • 1st Male: Graeme Cox
  • 1st Female: Rachel Perry
  • 1st Male Senior: Mik Onions
  • 1st Female Senior: Elle Breeds

Also racing and picking up points were: Tom Garner, Dave Liddle, Mal Burden, Rich Campbell, Kevin Hancock, Mike Porteous, Jon Beard, Joris Compiet, Leane Garner, Alex Begley, Matt Honey, Will Smart, Chris Foxon, Charlotte Taylor, Martin Rutherford and Rose Wilmot. 

Later in the day, those who raced the Standard could cheer on those in the Sprint and competing well was Phil King, Laura Campbell and Marie Lynch. 


Well done all!