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Transition Practice

  • Preston Park Velodrome Preston Park Brighton (map)

Woah - did he practice that?!

This Saturday's Preston Park Velodrome session will focus on your swim -> bike and bike -> run transitions. Be there at 07:40 ready to start promptly at 07:45. For those people racing on Sunday this will be a fun and low intensity session that should be perfect for getting you ready to race the next day. For everyone else as well, these are key skills that you can't afford to do without.

This session will give you the opportunity to:

  1. try things that you don't normally do - like leaving your bike shoes clipped to your bike when exiting T1 & entering T2, running with no socks, flying mounts and more
  2. hone your skills and lose some fat from your transitions

Why is this important? It doesn't matter whether we are aiming to win or just complete our races. In both cases how long we take to get from Point A (the start) to Point B (the finish) matters. The time you take in transition is a part of your race, so if you spend time every week swimming, cycling and running to get faster, why would you not also practice Transition to get faster at that too?!

In one local race last year the average time difference in T1 between athletes who finished in the top 50 and those who placed 51 - 100 was almost 80 seconds. In a race with an average swim time of 15 minutes that's getting on for 10% of the swim time wasted in Transition by people drying between their toes and putting socks on. You don't want to do that!

If the time benefits of a slick transition don't convince you by themselves, consider both the merits of looking like a pro as you glide from pool to bike in organised fashion, and also think about how practice can reduce your race anxiety and allow you to better enjoy the experience.

Years of Practice...

Having said that, even the Professionals could do with some more practice, sometimes. Check out the US Pro Triathlete in the picture...

So, see you in the park at 07:40!

Note: The Preston Park Parkrun is on at 09:00 after this session as an optional extension. We will look after your bike & kit whilst you run.

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