Go Tri Pells Pool is back for 2018!  We'll be running several low-cost mass participation Aquathlon (swim followed by a run) events through the summer. We're now in the fifth tear Brighton Tri Club has run the series. Races are suitable for anyone aged 8yrs +, whether a club member or not, who is up for doing a short swim followed by a short run. The races are professionally managed and your results will be published online below.  

The key emphasis on the series is to get involved and have some fun on a Summers evening.

Sounds pretty good. When is it happening?

The dates and entry for the 2018 GoTri Pells Pool race series will be announced soon. 


It's also a great place for an Aquathlon!

Pells Pool, Brook Street, Lewes, BN7 2BA.

Do I need any special kit?

All you need to compete in one of our GoTri events is a swimsuit (no nudity allowed, I'm afraid!) and a pair of running shoes. You may also want to use a wetsuit for the May and June events when the water is cooler and to bring a t-shirt or something else to run in, but do remember that your time for the event is taken from the moment you start swimming to the end of the run - so drying between your toes and donning your slinky run gear will be counted! In all seriousness, though, wear what you are comfortable in - the crowd will cheer you over the line whether you're in Lycra or cotton.

I'm not sure if I'm fit enough..

Can you swim 12 lengths of a 25m swimming pool without stopping? Can you run/jog for 20 minutes? If so you are more than capable of completing one of our GoTri events. It's a challenge, of course - that's why it's worth signing up! Although our swim course is a continuous loop, more akin to Open Water swimming than pool laps, you will be in the safe, controlled environment of Pells Pool - never far from the side or the ability to stand in the water. 

Do note, however, that if you have pre-existing medical conditions and you're not sure about how you will cope with the event, please do get an opinion from your doctor. Safety first!

Refund policies


Brighton Tri Club regrets that due to the nominal fee involved and the set up costs surrounding the event, no refunds or deferrals are available.

Bad weather

Brighton Tri Club reserves the right to change/ substitute/ shorten the course at the event if there is bad weather. This is to ensure that the event runs safely. We regret that no refunds will be possible in such circumstances.

Event cancellation

If, for any reason, Brighton Tri Club cancels an event, an alternative date will be put forward and competitors notified. Competitors can then choose to enter the rescheduled event, or another remaining event in the Go Tri Pells Pool Aquathlon Series. We regret that due to the nominal entry fees involved and the set up costs surrounding the event, no refunds are available.


Brighton Tri Club regrets that due to the nominal fee involved and the administration required to process substitutions, no substitutions are permitted.

Course records

  • Adult Male: Tom Garner 17:57 (17 Jun 2015)
  • Adult Female: Bethan Male 19:50 (1 Jun 2016)
  • Adult team Female: Shona Honey/Jane Hancock 25:34 (29 Jul 2015)
  • Adult team Mixed: Adam Clayton/Sarah Clayton 19:09 (3 Aug 2016)
  • Junior Black wave Female: Naomi Fonteyn 07:11 (13 Jul 2016)
  • Junior Blue wave Male: Jonny Hancock 06:09 (13 Jul 2016)
  • Junior Blue wave Female: Edith Hancock 06:34 (30 Aug 2017)
  • Junior Red wave Male: Jude Clayton 06:30 (13 Jul 2016)

2015 Series results:

27th May 2015 17th June 2015 8th July 2015 29th July 2015 19th August 2015
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2014 Series results: