How To...Create a Calendar Entry

Step 1 - Navigate to the Calendar page

Go to the Brighton Tri website on a desktop or laptop computer (not a tablet or phone). Hint: if you're reading this page, you're already on it! Hit the Escape (ESC) key to be taken to the Squarespace menu. You may be asked to log in to your Squarespace account to make this happen.

Step 2 - Add Calendar Events

Click the Add Event button.

In the Edit Event window, you can enter details for your event. To enter a title for your event, click within the Enter an event title... field.

Click the date links to select your event's Start Date and End Date using the calendar.

Note: It is not possible at this time to create recurring events.

When the calendar is displayed, you can also manually input a time using the field below the clock.

The main editor window will automatically include a Text Block to get you started. To add another content item, such as an Image, Gallery or Video, click an Insert Point where you would like to add your block.

In the Add a Block overlay, scroll to the block that you wish to add and click to add it to the Insert Point. You can also click and drag the block to place it in a different area of the Event.

The editor allows you to create content using Content Blocks and includes the same Page Builder used when adding content to a page. You can view our guide on using the Layout Engine for more information on this feature.

Step 3 - Add Categories

Click the + Click to add Categories button to organise your Events. Categories are used to determine what to display on certain pages of our website. They are important.

Select your categories from the list and press the Enter key.


Step 4 - Add a Thumbnail Image (Optional)

Add a thumbnail image to be displayed with your event in list view. Access the Options tab within the editor window. Click the + button to add a thumbnail image or click and drag an image to add it as the thumbnail image.

NOTE: The thumbnail image is used when posting a calendar item to Facebook. It is not necessary to add one unless you are going to publish this calendar entry in that manner.

Step 5 - Create an Excerpt (Optional)

Use excerpts to display a brief event description for visitors viewing the events page in list view. Within the Options tab, add your excerpt text to the Excerpt field. 

NOTE: The excerpt is used when posting a calendar item to Facebook. It is not necessary to add one unless you are going to publish this calendar entry in that manner.

Step 6 - Set the Event Location (Optional)

Within the Location tab, add an address for the location of your event. It is important that you set an accurate location for events. Use the postcode of the event site to get this right, entered into the "Zip" field.

This will create a pin on the map at that location.

Step 7 - Automatically Push the Event to Social Media (Optional)

Select the Social tab to view the push-enabled social accounts.

Click the OFF switch to display SEND for each service you wish to push to.

Note: Pushing an event to Facebook will not automatically create a Facebook 'event'. It will display a URL link to the event along with the Thumbnail Image and Description for the event.

Step 8 - Save Your Event

All events start out as Drafts by default. Click the Save button to save the event and keep it as a Draft. You can click the Save & Publish button to publish the event so it displays to your visitors.



Can I add recurring events?

At this time you cannot create recurring events. You would have to create separate events for each date if you wanted the event to only show up weekly, monthly, etc.

Why aren't my past events showing?

Past events will only display in Calendar View. If your Events page is currently set to List View your past events will not show.

Can I enable comments for my Events?

There is no native way to add comments. You can, however, embed a third party commenting app using the Code Block.