Indoor Cycling Block Fri 6.35am, 6th-27th July


Indoor Cycling Block Fri 6.35am, 6th-27th July


Indoor Cycling Block Fri, Three- (6, 13, 20, 27th July). 6.45 am, MyRide Room, Withdean Stadium. There are 4 consecutive sessions in this block, it is non-transferable.

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To prevent people attempting to secure their place by buying a block and then not turning up, the Indoor cycling blocks will only be usable by the person whose name they are purchased in; they are non-transferable. Meaning if you are unable to attend you can't give your place to someone else as this is unfair to those people who were unsuccessful in buying a block. In the event you are unable to be there please let us know on Facebook or via email, and we will make it available to everyone in the club via the "Indoor Cycling Waiting List" WhatsApp group.

People with blocks must arrive 10 minutes before the publicised start time; the club reserves the right to let other club members use any unused bikes.

If you buy a block and add a second name of someone who is not your partner, we reserve the right to amend or cancel the block.

Due to the coaching commitment, in the event of insufficient participants, we reserve the right to cancel all or part of the block, refunding any future scheduled dates.

Whether or not you have a block we reserve the right to refuse entry on any given session if the coaches feel you are not capable of participating for any reason including but not limited to, you are intoxicated, under the influence of controlled substances or are appear to be unwell.