Club Kit Purchasing

Wear the Blue & Gold! 


We have built a relationship with top-end kit supplier Champ-Sys to develop our range of club clothing. We are now able to offer a broad range of clothing options as you will see below.

Ordering is direct through the website but is then either fulfilled through a manual order to Champ-Sys or via a manual order to our other kit suppliers. We "close" an order when we have a minimum of 10 items. 

Payment is electronic through this site at the point of order. Delivery timescales are roughly 5 - 6 weeks for the Champ-Sys kit but sooner for the other kit. Delivery is to the Club Kit Rep who then delivers your kit by hand to to you at club sessions. 

Club Kit Main Page

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Important Notes

Our suppliers apply delivery charges to each item. In addition all clothing is subject to VAT (20%), and we incur a small credit card processing fee. All of these costs are calculated into the item cost that you see on the club store. Brighton Tri Club do not make material profit from sale of any club kit. All we aim for is not to make a loss!