Sussex Tristars Trisuits

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QSW Trisuits.JPG

Sussex Tristars Trisuits

40.00 50.00

Same colours, same design - new supplier!

There is a limited number at the discounted price, so grab yourself a bargain now!!

  • 4XS - Height: 127-135cm, Waist: 50-58cm

  • 3XS - Height: 136-142cm, Waist: 59-62cm

  • 2XS - Height: 143-150cm, Waist: 63-69cm

  • XS - Height: 151-156cm, Waist: 70-73cm

  • S - Height: 157-165cm, Waist: 74-78cm

  • M - Height: 166-171cm, Waist: 79-84cm

  • L - Height: 172-178cm, Waist: 85-90cm

  • XL - Height: 179-188cm, Waist: 91-97cm

  • XXL - Height: 191-196cm, Waist: 98-102cm

If you are not sure what size you need - email the measurements to, and we will speak to the supplier for you.

There is also larger sizes available (Unisex XL and XXL) - please email us for more details.

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