Shopping, the Triathlon way

We encourage those of you living in Brighton to use your local sports shops such as Nick Rivett Sport in Hove. However, we recognise that all of us shop online from time to time. When you do that, you could earn money for the club with absolutely no extra effort or cost to yourselves.

If you like to shop at any of the online stores below, including AmazonWiggleSimplySwim and ProBikeKit please click through to them using the banners below. That's it - no forms, no hassle. From that point the club will receive a donation from these stores for everything you buy. 

When we say everything, we mean everything. So if you use Amazon to buy books, music, saucepans, sex toys, computer games, clothes or even Triathlon kit, the club can benefit from you (or your spouses, partners, friends and cats) using the link below.

Why should you care? Let's take a moment to remember that Brighton Tri Club is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit club, funded and managed solely through the fees & donations that you provide. Using these links before you shop will directly help in improving the quality of service we can give to our members whilst keeping dues low.

Thank you!