Tuesdays and Thursdays 20:00-21:00. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier to get changed.

Wadurs Swimming Pool, Kingston Broadway, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 6TE

Price: £5 on the door, but swim blocks will be released every two months and work out much cheaper. Keep an eye on newsletters for payment options.

Note that if we reach full capacity with swimmers, priority is given to those on a block.

Can I come?
If you can swim front crawl for 8 lengths without stopping, we’d love to have you along. However, if you can’t yet swim front crawl, we recommend 1-2-1 sessions first. If you would like to find someone who can teach you to swim front crawl, contact us on

Why should I come?
Coached Club sessions provide you with a carefully planned and structured hour-long swim session. You will have direct coaching from a British Triathlon certified coach, and you’ll be swimming with people of a similar speed to you. We concentrate on improving both your technique and swim fitness. In addition, we add in triathlon specific skills, such as open water drafting and sighting. It’s easy to go to a local pool and swim 40 lengths, but this does little to improve either your technique or speed.

What to bring?
Swimwear, towel, swim cap and goggles, water (to drink!)

We strongly recommend the following additional items of swim kit, which we will use frequently in our sessions.

  1. Pull buoy - a figure-of-8 piece of foam held between the thighs or ankles during swim, to provide flotation for hips and legs. Allows focus on arms, and improves position in the water.

  2. Fins - Not all fins are the same, so please buy the ones we recommend: The Finis Floating Fin.

  3. Paddles are not vital, but if you do buy them, go for the Finis Freestyler.

  4. Please name your kit with an indelible pen, and bring it all in a bag. Mesh swim bags work well for swim gear.

Club swimming is structured in the following way:

  • A warm up gets you used to being in the water and helps you relax after a hard day’s work.

  • Drills - these emphasise a particular part of the swim stroke and help to improve your technique. They should be performed deliberately and conscientiously, not rushed!

  • Main set - This is usually intervals (swim and then rest and repeat), but there may be more technique focus within this.

  • Cool down allows you to relax again at the end of the session and contemplate what you’ve just achieved! We recommend a warm shower after the session, and some gentle stretching exercises.

Lane swimming etiquette
If you’ve never swum in a group session before, it can be helpful to follow these simple rules:

  1. You will be placed into a lane according to your speed. Don’t be offended in the coach asks you to move down (or up) a lane.

  2. Each lane has its own direction to swim in, either anticlockwise or clockwise, alternating across the pool. Keep close to the lane rope at all times. If you’re not sure, please ask a coach. If you do move up or down a lane, don’t forget to also change swim direction.

  3. Each lane will have a ‘leader’ who sets off first for each part of the session. This is often, but not always the faster person in the lane. Please set off with 5 second intervals, which gives each swimmer their own space in which to swim and perform at their best.

  4. If you are catching the swimmer in front and want to overtake, give them a firm tap on the toes. The slower swimmer should then get to the end of the lane, and then wait for the faster swimmer to overtake.

  5. Start each length with a good torpedo push off.

  6. Don’t rush the drills! Many swimmers rush the drills because it doesn’t feel like ‘proper’ swimming and just want to get to the main set. In actual fact, concentration on the drills is often the best way to improve your swim speed because of the technique improvements. Listen to your coach carefully during the explanation and demonstration. You will be focusing on, and exaggerating a particular aspect of the stroke e.g. body rotation). When you swim in the in the drill-swim sequence, really try to feel how the drill exercise translates into the whole stroke.

  7. We strongly recommend investing in the recommended pool toys above.

  8. Keep your kit tidy poolside. Only bring the items requested by the coach at the start of session.

  9. Bring and drink water: You will still sweat!

Finally, we follow the SWIM SMOOTH coaching philosophy. You can find out more here: Do sign up for their blog, it’s full of really useful information every week.

Hope to see you at a swim session soon!