Volunteer Incentive Scheme

At Brighton Tri Club we are very keen to encourage volunteering - it is part of the fundamental ethos of the Club.   We very much appreciate that volunteering takes time and effort that could, in many circumstances mean that you can't train yourself or take part in events.  We want to reward you for helping though and have thus created a Volunteer Incentive Points (VIP) scheme to reward the efforts of those who give up their time to ensure the smooth running of the Club and the events it hosts.  Club members can accrue points each time they volunteer to help out.  Each point is worth £1.  Once the number of accrued points reaches the total value of a purchasable item, the points can be redeemed against it.  Purchasable items are:

  • Club membership renewals
  • Club kit purchases
  • Club event entry
  • Club training blocks (but not individual sessions)

VIPs value

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 19.39.13.png

All VIPs must be used within the current membership year  (1st Oct to 30th Sept) and cannot be carried forward other than to obtain a discount on the following years membership fee.  VIPs cannot be exchanged for cash!

The only exception to this rule is for the Committee members & Club Ambassador VIPs.  These are earned after a full year in office (and are not prorated for part years) and can be carried over for one year.

Any special projects that crop up throughout the year and are not listed above, can be awarded points by committee approval.

A running total of VIPs will be uploaded to the Club Forum periodically.

VIPs and Coaching

VIP's do not accrue to any coaches who have received funding under the Coaching Development Scheme until they have (i) completed the required period after finishing their course and (ii) they have completed the required number of coaching sessions under the scheme.

At the end of each month the “actual” coaching rota is fed back to the Club Vice Chairman (the keeper of the VIP) by the Coaching Co-Ordinator or an appointed deputy.