Coaching Development Scheme

At Brighton Tri Club we are keen to develop our coaching team. To enable this the committee sets aside some club funds every year to help finance members and existing coaches through the various British Triathlon coaching courses.  

The sort of things that the committee will look at when deciding who funding can be provided for are;

  • Commitment to the club;
    • Regular attendance at training sessions
    • Proven willingness to volunteer and to get involved
  • Interaction with other club members
  • Experience of triathlon
  • Availability to coach

Coaching Development Scheme Procedure

The procedure to apply for use of these funds is set out below;

  • The club member/coach identifies themselves to the club committee via the Coaching Co-Ordinator as someone who would like to become a coach and the qualification that they would like to achieve (e.g. BTF Level 1).
  • The committee approves the applicant and qualification and asks the applicant to confirm acceptance of the Terms as below.
  • The club member then applies for the course to complete the qualification and pays 100% of the cost.
  • Upon submission  to the club treasurer of evidence of full payment of the course fees, the club will refund 50% of the course cost.
  • The club member then completes the course and notifies the club treasurer that they have done so.
  • 12 months after the course is complete, assuming that the club member has subsequently been notified that they have passed and that they have completed the required number of coaching sessions at the club, the club treasurer will refund the remaining 50% of the course.

Coaching Development Scheme Terms & Conditions

  • The club member agrees to commit to the club and to undertake to coach at least 15 sessions for Level 1 or 25 sessions for Level 2 during the period from the date of the funding of the first 50% of the course to 12 months after the last day of the course.
  • The club member agrees to assist the club as best they can to obtain any available bursaries from other third parties to help fund the course and if they receive the bursary personally, to refund the club with said proceeds within 2 weeks of receipt from the 3rd party.
  • If for any reason the club member cannot, or does not complete the course, the 50% is refundable to the club on demand.  The club member is then responsible for recovering the original cost of the course from the course organiser.
  • If the club member were to leave the club before completing the required number of coaching sessions they would be asked to reimburse the first 50%.  If they were to leave after having completed the required number of sessions but before reaching the 12 month anniversary from completion, they would be asked to refund half of the initial contribution from the club (i.e. 25%).
  • The club will not be responsible for any travel, accommodation, subsistence or other incidental costs relating to the completion of the course.

If you would like to be considered for the Coaching Development Scheme, please the head coach or club chair.