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Club philosophy

We may be a young club, but we have a wealth of experience on our committee and some hard working coaches to look after you and help you improve.  All our club coaches and committee members are volunteers who give up their own time to create an atmosphere and environment that allows members to train well and have fun.

Volunteering is an important philosophy to us as a club.  

"Ask not what the club can do for you. Ask what you can do for the club" 

We strongly believe that if we can attract members with a similar philosophy, the club will continue to grow and expand, allowing us all to give something back to Triathlon and continue the phenomenal growth that our sport is seeing.

We strongly encourage club members to read the Members Code of Conduct and Club Rules

Club Organisation

Under the club's constitution, every year at the club's Annual General Meeting, the club committee is eligible for re-election.  The committee roles and their associated responsibilities are linked below.

Club Reward and Development Schemes

To underline the clubs commitment to volunteering the club runs a Coaching Development Scheme, details below;

Club Committee

The club committee meets every couple of months or so to discuss what's happening at the club and how to continue to improve the clubs offering to members. To help you identify the members of the club committee, check out the pictures and short biographies of the Committee and Ambassadors.

  • Chair - Simon Wickenden

  • Vice Chair - Kevin Hancock

  • Secretary - Rob Jessop

  • Treasurer - Tom Atkins

  • Welfare - Matt Honey

  • Publicity - Scott Muir & Rich Tai-Chidlow

  • Social - Ros Choate & Cathy Kwan

  • Head Coach/Coaching Co-Ordinator - TBC

  • Kit - Christine Gibbons (Race Kit) & Grace Hancock (Casual)

  • IT - Mik Onions

  • Reports & Fixtures - David Bailey

  • Events - Rose Wilmot & Chris Foxon

    Juniors - Paul Farrant

  • Club Ambassadors - TBC

Club Coaches

We are very lucky to have a growing team of dedicated coaches and lifeguards at the Club.  They are all volunteers and give up their time freely to provide well planned and structured training sessions.   To help you identify the coaches, check out their pictures and short biographies.

All of our club coaches have signed up to the Club Coaches Code of Conduct.

Level 3

  • Mike Porteous*


  • Matt Honey*

  • Mal Burden

  • Graeme Cox

  • Santi Brage

  • Simon Wickenden

  • Rachel Perry*

  • Paul Farrant*

  • Mark Lewis

  • Sophia Cox

  • David Pompairac


  • Paul McCarthy

  • Jane Millar

  • Cathy Kwan

  • Kevin Hancock*

  • Andy Main*

  • Marianne Clarke

  • Gemma Lewis*

  • Ash van Wensveen

  • Mik Onions

  • Rose Wilmot

  • Rob Jessop

Ride Leaders (Level 2 British Cycling)

  • Rick Young*

  • Santi Brage


  • Ian Mclaren

  • Alex Bagley

  • Sally Palfrey

* designated Kids coach

We are always on the look out for new coaches and as a club we can financially assist those dedicated club members that want to follow this path.  Please read the club Coaching Development Scheme for more details.