Club Kit

We have three types of kit, Casual, Club and Tristars. The casual kit is available all at all times and includes club branded Hoodie’s, Swim Caps, T-shirts etc. Club Kit is the race kit in club colours which is only available to order at specific times. Tristars kit is available under the Casual Kit heading.

Casual & Tristars Kit

We also offer a range of casual kit including hoodies and tech t-shirts for both adults and children alike.  These are available to order through the website in the Kit Store.  Orders are collated and sent to the supplier during the second week of each month, with the aim of delivery by the end of that month.

Club Kit

We have been working hard with Orca to develop our new range, which has been further improved with better design, fit and quality and is excellent value for money. If you haven't already placed an order, you will need to set up your own user account the first time you enter the shop by entering some necessary details. 

The Club Kit shop with the full range Orca kit will be open from 10th-24th September.

Below you will find the current range of Club Kit which is available in the Store.

Triathlon Club Kit

Swim Club Kit

Bike Club Kit

Run Club Kit

Delivery timescales are roughly 5-6 weeks, and delivery is to Brighton Watersports, 185 Kings Road Arches, Brighton Seafront, BN1 1NB.  Once the order has been delivered you will receive a notification, you can then visit the shop & collect your order at a time convenient for you.  To find out their opening times visit their website or call on 01273 323160.

All clothing is subject to VAT (20%) which is already incorporated into the price you see in the club shop (NB:  Children's kit is not subject to VAT). Brighton Tri Club does not make a profit from the sale of any club kit.