Results for GoTri Pells Pool

11th June 2014 

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The second round of the GoTri Pells Pool Aquathlon was held in beautiful evening sunshine, with the pool itself looking particularly inviting. This was all to the good as over 40 intrepid aquathletes had lined up to participate in the race.

GoTri Pells presents some interesting challenges to our evening adventurers, particularly in the swim which is designed to mimic the Open Water swimming experience. To this end, competitors start in "waves" of up to 10 people together and have to swim around a circular loop marked by buoys rather than push off the ends of the pool. Doing so means that our swimmers have to "sight" (look where they are going!) and work with their fellow swimmers around the 300m course.

Our four waves of athletes coped marvellously with the continuous swim (although who can really complain about swimming in Pells in the sunshine?!) before making their way to their transition area to don shoes and whatever clothing deemed necessary for the run. It's a bit of a walk from the exit ramp to transition and some of our athletes demonstrated impressive speed walk skills in getting there as quickly as possible!

The run course took our damp but daring competitors along the river to Malling Rec and then kept them on the well tended Lewes grass until they were ready to complete the 3.5km run with a finishing sprint and well-deserved applause from the admiring spectators. There was some fantastic running on display but none better than that of 17 year old Max Andrews who dominated from the starting gun to the finish, whilst for the ladies, Dani Evans started out with her usual commanding swim and then held a strong pace on the run to break the tape a full minute ahead of her nearest rival.

Our impressive winners aside, last night wasn't really about first or last and rather about the enjoyment of a great evening and a fun event. The focus of our adulation is on all of you out there from whom this was your first "multi-sport" race, as well as our congratulations going to all finishers and our heartfelt thanks to the organisers, marshals, lifeguards & helpers from Brighton Tri Club and Pells Pool.

We very much hope that you enjoyed the experience and hope to see you again on Wednesday 9th July and Wednesday 6th August. Can you beat your times?!...

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Overall Junior Senior Vet
Male Max Andrews Max Andrews Simon Lenton Graeme Cox
Female Dani Evans
Dani Evans Helen Sida