We are delighted to announce that the club is offering a trial Turbo training session next Wednesday 4th December at Withdean Stadium from 7pm to 8pm. This first session will be coached by Graeme

If you are interested in this please reply on the forum or email graeme AT brightontri.org, as we have to be sure that we will have sufficient numbers to run this.

The club owns 10 brand sparkly new turbo trainers that are there to be used, and we have a room that will take up to 15 people. You therefore have the following options:

  1. £5 to use a club turbo trainer that's clean & quiet. Just bring your bike.
  2. £3 to bring your own turbo trainer - you must bring your own mat to put under it to reduce noise & catch sweat, the turbo must not be excessively noisy and you must be sure that it's in good order.

In either case you will need:

  1. a towel for your handlebars (it's a sweaty business)
  2. cycle gear including a light top - you will be warm, but no naked torsos allowed
  3. a bicycle. I don't mind if it's a road bike or your TT bike, but it should be reasonably clean and in decent working order with the tyres pumped to a decent pressure. It will need to have quick release skewers in the wheels, but we assume that this is the case for anything you'd want to bring

You will be able to use the changing rooms etc.

Note that this particular session is a trial for the club. We absolutely intend to run regular, scheduled, progressive and funky turbo sessions from the New Year onwards, but we want to start asap to iron out any problems, seed interest and set expectations. More explicit instructions will be issued over the weekend on where the room is etc.

The session itself will be a mixture of skills (yes, skills on a stationary bike!) and aerobic intervals, with Graeme shouting at you. Rather like his Tuesday run intervals, only set to music and it's harder for you all to get away. We are promised a fun and relatively high energy hour.

So, who's coming?