parkrun Bri Tri takeover - Saturday 14th December

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As many of you may be aware, Bri Tri are taking over the volunteer duties at Preston Park parkrun on Saturday the 14th December.  Every volunteer post has been filled by one of our members and the organisers are massively appreciative of our support.  So, what we'd love to do, is to get as many of our members down to the event and really turn this it in to a Brighton Tri Club day.  We have lots of new members and this would be a great opportunity to meet other members.  We've already recorded the highest number of runs and we have the 3rd largest number of runners - let's get us to number 1! It's easy to register for parkrun, go to this link, follow the simple steps and don't forget to put yourself down as a 'Brighton Tri Club'.  You'll certainly be well supported as you run round.  Looking forward to seeing lots of you next Saturday.