Stamina 2 Duathlon 2015

Off Road  Trial 'run/MTB/run'

Navigation Event

Date: Saturday 10th Jan 2015, 11:30am

Location: Stanmer Park, Brighton

New Year's Eve may still be around the corner to catch the unwary Triathlete in it's boozy claws, but fear not - salvation is at hand shortly after. On Saturday 10th January the club is hosting the second outing of our club off-road Duathlon Navigation Event - Stamina. Come and work off a mince pie & sherry or two in the stunning grounds of Stanmer Park with your buddies from the club.

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This is a free to enter event for club members. You don’t have to be an Mountain Goat or Biker particularly, its about teamwork and fun. If you are not an MTB’er you can opt to do a run/run/run, but be warned: you will suffer by not being eligible to certain bonus points. Unlucky. But I know some of you are concentrating on Marathon schedules. So do feel free to join in & enjoy offroad running/navigation.

  • Participants: Be at Event HQ by 11:00
  • Volunteers: Be there by 09:00

Weather –we plan to run an event whatever the weather – we might modify it on the day, but we will run an event! Adapt your clothing to suit.

If you can indicate (if you haven’t already) on the forum thread HERE, it would be very helpful in planning numbers!

NOTE: This is a club internal event only.


Kevin Hancock & Chris Foxon