Making the best use of the sunshine!

What a fabulous March day yesterday was!  Brighton Tri members certainly made the most of the good weather with three bike groups heading out in the morning - a Fast pace group, a Medium pace group and a Beginners group!

beginners group.jpg

The Beginners group comprised of Isobel, Cathy, Eliese, Dave, Mark and Sally and they did a Newhaven/Kingston loop.  c.30 miles, including all additional bits to and from home, with an average pace of c.11.5 miles per hour.  Sally reports that there were "no mishaps or falls and all the bikes behaved well as did the riders!  This group then hit the Velo café at the Level on their return. "Very cosmopolitan, sunny and grown up!".


The Fast pace group of Santi, Chris, Kev, Phil and Declan did 110k, climbing the Beacon twice (well, only Santi, Chris and Kev did it twice, I'm told, Declan and Phil bottled ;-))


The Medium pace group consisted of Russ, Tina, Laura and Rachel who all celebrated Laura completing the Beacon for the first time, especially after cycling 50 miles prior to doing it!  Congratulations Laura!

All these rides were organised on the club Forum so don't feel shy, get on it and put something out there.  With just shy of 120 club members now you're sure to find others who will want to join you!