Brighton Tri Club accredited with 'STAR club' status by Triathlon England

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that within 15 months of officially launching, Brighton Tri Club has been accredited with 'STAR club' status by Triathlon England.

The accreditation follows a lot of behind the scenes work by the club committee and particularly by the club secretary, Rachel Perry.

The Star Mark scheme is a club development tool for adult Triathlon clubs. It has been developed by Triathlon England in consultation with clubs around the country and is based on the very successful Sport England endorsed Clubmark scheme.

To gain accreditation, clubs must fulfil criteria in the areas of:

  • Club Management
  • Coaching and Competition
  • Sports Equity and Ethics
  • Health and Safety

Achievement of the criteria indicates that Brighton Tri Club has reached a minimum level of standards and is now officially recognised by Sport England, British Triathlon, Triathlon England, fellow triathletes, sports professionals and the community as a quality Triathlon Club.

Further information on the Star Mark scheme can be found on the British Triathlon website here.