How Good Are You Really?

As part of our Specialist Talk series, we are delighted to be joined by Dr Bettina Karsten from University of Greenwich. Bettina is a specialist in Endurance testing and performance and is going to help you answer the question, "How good are you really?".  

With a background in exercise rehabilitation and personal training, Bettina joined University of Greenwich as a Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2005.

As a former volleyball player, swimmer and personal trainer, Bettina clearly has a love of sports! We're lucky she now has a focus on cycling. Bettina successfully completed her PhD entitled 'Analysis of Reliability and Validity of Critical Power Testing in the Field'. 

What can you expect from Bettina's talk?

Find out what terms such as; 

  • VO2 max 
  • Lactate threshold 
  • Critical Power

Mean and how to apply them in helping you to improve your performance.


Date: 31st July

Time: 7pm

Place: Sailing Club, Brighton