Coached Indoor Cycling

The clubs Indoor Cycling Sessions at Withdean Sport Complex's new MyRide Studio offers us the ability to train using power, individually tailored to your current fitness level. Power based cycle training is the best way to get results. The bikes use a simple colour indicator to show you the effort level you need to achieve at any given time.

Because of the popularity of these sessions, we are making the blocks available at a publicised time to give everyone an equal opportunity to buy one. There are fifteen eight week blocks available at £5 per session, £40 per block, the first block runs from the 8th Jan - 26th Feb. The will also be 3 or 4 bikes available on a single session basis for any given training, depending on the coaching requirements and bike availability; these will be available on the website in advance.

When the count timer below reaches zero, at 7 pm on Tuesday 2nd January, it will be replaced by a button. Clicking on this will take you through to where you can buy the blocks or the next sessions PAYG slot using your debit or credit card.