Saturday 18th May 2019 - Steyning, West Sussex

The Award winning Bri Tri Kids Triathlon returns on Saturday 18th May 2019, in the delightful market town of Steyning, West Sussex. The event, run in association with kidstriUK, will be a fully chip timed race. The swim is an indoor 'snaked' pool swim in a 25m pool followed by lapped bike and run legs on the Steyning Grammar School playing fields. There are age group categories for novices and for more experienced children. The event is part of the Triathlon England South East Junior Series 2019.

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Many thanks for attending our event this year. We hope that you enjoyed it.

Age group categories, distances and entry fees

Age Group Tristarts (8yrs) Novice 1 (9-10yrs) Novice 2 (11-14yrs) Tristars 1 (9-10yrs) Tristars 2 (11-12yrs) Tristars 3 (13-14yrs) Youth (15-16yrs)
Swim 25m (1 length) 25m (1 length) 50m (2 lengths) 150m (6 lengths) 200m (8 lengths) 300m (12 lengths) 400m (16 lengths)
Bike 665m (1 lap) 665m (1 lap) 1300m (2 laps) 2000m (3 laps) 4000m (6 laps) 6000m (9 laps) 6000m (9 laps)
Run 600m (1 lap) 600m (1 lap) 1200m (2 laps) 1200m (2 laps) 1800m (3 laps) 2400m (4 laps) 2400m (4 laps)
Entry fee £19 £19 £19 £25 £25 £25 £25

Age groups are based on the age of your child on 31st December 2019. i.e. if your child is still 11yrs old on 31st December 2019, they should race in the 11-12yrs category.  If they are 10yrs old on 31st December 2019 but their birthday is on 1st January 2020, they should race in the 8-10yrs category.

The Novice 1-2 and Tristart categories are generally for beginner and first time triathletes - all athletes will get their times and a medal but it is more about taking part than competing for positions. Tristarts and Novice 1’s will race together as one wave. The Tristars 1-3  and Youth categories are for slightly more experienced triathletes and will race in separate waves.

Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are only awarded in the Youth, Tristart and Tristars categories. The results from these categories count towards the TESE Junior Race Series.  For more information on the TESE Junior Race Series categories, please see the Race Series Events page.

The Bri Tri Kids Triathlon, Steyning, in association with kidstriUK, is intended to be a fun event for ALL the children. All cycleworthy bikes are acceptable and your children don't need to have special tri-suits or other gear. We just want them all to experience the wonderful feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment having just finishing a swim, bike and run :-) 

Triathlon England South East Junior Race Series

This event is a Triathlon England registered event and is part of the Triathlon England South East Junior Race Series 2019.  To be entered for the South East Junior Race Series  athletes must either live within the South East area or be a current member of a South East Triathlon registered club and be a British Triathlon Home Nation Junior member.

The event is run under Permit from British Triathlon and will be run in line with British Triathlon race rules and codes of practice.

kidstriUK Race Series

This event is also part of the kidstriUK race series. For more information on the other events in that Series, please go to the kidstriUK website here.


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Race instructions, helpful hints for Novices & Race Rules Poster

Additional information


The Bri Tri Kids Triathlon, Steyning, in association with kidstriUK, is based at Steyning Leisure Centre, Horsham Road, Steyning.  The entrance to the carpark is via Shooting Field to the east of the school (use BN44 3RX).  We ask that participants please DO NOT park in the main Leisure Centre carpark to the west of the school.  Thank you.



Registration for Youth, Tristars 3 & 2 will open at 9.30am.  The first race briefing will be at 10.35am and the first race, the Youths, will start at 11.00am. Please see below for more details. Dependent on the number in each category racing we hope to finish all the races by 2.30pm.


The entrance to the carpark is via Shooting Field to the east of the school.  We ask that participants please DO NOT park in the main Leisure Centre carpark to the west of the school.  Thank you.


Registration for Youth, Tristar 3 and Tristar 2 competitors only  will be open from 9.30am. Registration for Tristar 1, Novices and Tristarts will be open from 10.15am. At registration competitors will collect their race pack (including a numbered plastic sack for all swim equipment), race number and a coloured wrist band.  They will also be body marked with their race number.

There is a nominal booking fee that is added to the Entry fee on booking. 

Top tip: Get to the event early so that you can park, register and have time to walk the course with you child/children.  Bring some rugs and some snacks too so you can enjoy the atmosphere.

Race briefing

There will be race briefings for the various categories throughout the event starting at 10.30am for the Youth competitors. Please listen to the tannoy announcements for further briefings.

Race referee

There will be a Technical Official from Triathlon England on hand to referee and assist with the race.  Their decision is final.


The event will run under Permit from Triathlon England and will be in line with Triathlon England race rules and codes of practice.  A copy of the full rules can be found here.  An A4 of the principle rules can be found here.


We have created some helpful notes for triathlon first timers that we hope you will find useful at the event.  These should be read in conjunction with the Final Race Instructions that are usually emailed out to all competitors in the week before the event.  They can be downloaded in advance here.


The swim is in a 25m pool and will be a snake swim for those doing more than one length i.e. start in one lane, swim up, turn and back down the lane and then duck under the lane rope before repeating to the end.  The Youths will start at 11.00am followed by the TS3's, TS2's, TS1's and Novices's and Tristarts in respective order.

Training shoes, any additional clothing e.g. race belts or t-shirts with numbers on and a small towel should be set out beside the pool and on exiting the water competitors will move directly to these items.  Once used or put on, anything remaining should go into the numbered plastic sack and carried to the exit door of the pool. Please note that training shoes must be worn for the run between the pool and transition.  

Top tip: use some vaseline around the heel of the trainers to help slip wet feet in and some talcolm powder inside the shoes to absorb some of the wetness from the pool.


Top tip: race belts are also easier to get on when wet than a t-shirt.


Top tip: replace the laces in your child's shoes with elasticated laces to avoid having to tie them or risk them coming undone and a marshal asking them to stop to do them up.


Transition 1

No parental assistance is allowed in transition.  Cycle helmets must be on and done up BEFORE touching the bike when coming from the swim.  Penalties can be picked up if bikes are moved before helmets are put on or if helmets are not done up properly.

Top tip: make sure that the helmet is placed by the bike with the straps undone and hanging over each side for quick fitting


Top tip: make sure that the bike is in the correct gearing before leaving it in transition.



The bike course is a lapping course around the adjacent playing field. The correct number of laps must be completed and it is the competitors and/or parents responsibility to count the laps. We will carry out or own check. 

Top tip: Counting bike laps is one of the biggest issues that competiors face so we strongly advise that a system is thought about BEFORE the race. Some competitors use a number of small pieces of tape on their handle bars, tearing one off on completion of each lap as they pass the finishing shute e.g. for a 6 lap race, use 5 pieces of tape and as you tear the last one off at the end of a lap that means one lap to go so when you finish that last lap, if there is no tape left to tear off, it's time to finish! The key for a parent is to establish where you will be positioned whilst counting - just after the start of a lap or just before the end of a lap.  Our recommendation is that having decided where you will stand, you use simple terminology such as 'you've done 3 laps' or 'you've done 6 laps, finish now'. Counting laps may sound simple but when tired or distracted it can prove problematic so please do think about it!! Other suggestions for paren

Top tip: the bike course is on grass so it can be tough, particularly for little legs and for ill fitted bikes.  A rule of thumb is that when sitting squarely on their bike (you'll need to hold it upright for them) with the pedal cranks vertical and your childs heel on the lower pedal (let the other leg just hang loose), their extended leg should be straight.  If you want to get a little more technical though, Mark Lewis, a club member who runs Brighton Bike Fit has put together a great overview of 'How to set saddle heights correctly'. 

Transition 2

No parental assistance is allowed in transition.  Bikes must be laid down gently (or racked if applicable) BEFORE undoing the helmet when returning from the cycle. Penalties can be picked up if bikes and/or helmets are thrown to the ground.


The run course is also a lapping course around the adjacent playing field. The correct number of laps must be completed and it is the competitors and/or parents responsibility to count the laps. We will carry out or own check.

Each competitor will be given a rubber band at the start of a lap so when they have the number of bands to match the laps that they need to do, they can finish rather than picking up another band.

Top tip: Whilst this is not as problematic as counting the bike laps, it too is worth some thought and discussion with your child/children before the race.


All children will get a medal on finishing.  A selection of fruit and water will be available to all competitors.


There will be male and female trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Tristars and Youth categories.  Prize giving ceremonies will be done at the end of each categories race, providing for some good photo opportunities.

Bike retrieval

Bikes can be retrieved from Transition after each medal ceremony.  Only the competitors themselves will be allowed access to the transition area i.e. no parents. Swim equipment, in the numbered plastic sacks, will be available from the designated area.


We will endeavour to do our best to get the results published on this page by 7pm in the evening after the event.

Photography and recorded images

At Brighton Tri Club we take child safeguarding very seriously.  If any parent wishes to take photographs or record video of the children, they must wear a 'Photographers sticker' that will be included in the race pack. If you are not clearly wearing a 'Photographers sticker', please be prepared to be challenged by the event team.  If you become aware of anyone taking or using inappropriate pictures or video, please inform the event team immediately.

By entering the event you are consenting to Brighton Tri Club using, in an appropriate manner, photographs and/or video of your children during the event.  If you do not wish your children to be photographed or videoed, please inform the team at Registration and your child will be given a specific wristband so that they can be identified in any images and the image/video discarded.

First aid

A First Aid team will be on hand for any immediate medical issues.

Parental behaviour

Being parents ourselves we fully understand the urge to find the best place to photograph our loved ones or to urge them on.  We ask that you please respect the marshals and the fencing and barrier tape that we have in place.  We are all volunteers and are giving up our time to enable the event to happen.  We are not here to make money, we are here to provide a safe and fun environment for your and our children to race in. Please respect this. Thank you.

Top tip:  Why not help us make sure that the event is a safe and fun environment for the kids.  Come and see us at the timing tent and volunteer to help.  We will be very grateful and your children will love you as you will become part of the event.


We are always on the look out for parents and other volunteers to help us at the event.  Please listen out for any calls for support via the event PA system.

Pre event Training

Sussex Tristars, the junior section of Brighton Tri Club trains every Sunday morning during term time at the Ringmer Community Centre. If you would like to find out more please go to the dedicated Sussex Tristars website.


If you have any feedback please email us at

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The small print

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