Pells Pool - we hardly touch the sides!

WHEN: Wednesday 10th July at 7pm for a 7.30pm start

WHERE:  Pells Pool in Lewes -

After a warmup and practising our new open water swimming skills we are able to use the full length and width of the Pells Pool to our best advantage.

There is no touching the sides in an open water race, so we simulate these conditions by setting up a mini course within the pool with buoys to turn round. 


We will continue working on developing skills laid out here at the fantastic Swim Smooth website. Here are their top tips: 

  1. Get used to wearing your wetsuit (see video explaining how to do it properly)
  2. Overcome anxiety
  3. Swim straight
  4. Master the art of sighting (see video of a great open water swimmer showing the 'crocodile eyes' technique)
  5. Draft better






We also plan to take some video of your sighting, drafting and turning technique to give you feedback that you can act on immediately.



There will be a £5 per person cost for the session, collected on the night.

We suggest you bring:

  1. Swimming costume / tri suit
  2. Wetsuit (optional with the warmer water temperature)
  3. Swim hat, goggles, towel, lube, etc. 
  4. Warm clothing for afterwards

As the sea is warming up too, we are planning our first coached session from Brighton - just a reminder that we would like to see you swimming at Pells Pool before you join us at the beach.