Join the Club

Membership for the club year 2015/2016 is now open!

All Brighton Tri Club members, Tristars, supporters and interested parties should join (or re-join) the club for our 2016 membership year now. You'll be pleased to know that t’s a blessedly short form, the completion (and card detail submission) of which will ensure that you retain access to all that our army of volunteer coaches (20 of them!) and the committee put on for you every week, the online help and banter of our club forum and the right to wear the blue and gold when racing. 


Don't forget that on October 23rd we are holding our Annual General Meeting and awards for the Club Championships at the Brighton Sailing Club. We (that includes you!) will be appointing a new set of officers and committee members to drive us forwards, talking about what we have achieved individually and collectively this year, setting out the principles on which we will take BriTri forward into it’s third full year of existence and answering any and all of your questions on what we’re doing. There will also be trophies, tall tales, some food and a beer or two, all of which should make it a great evening. However, it’s also serious business. We are a democratically elected volunteer organisation and as such we can’t operate next year unless at least a quarter of our membership turn up and vote the committee in. So please, if you can come to the meeting do so - your support would be much appreciated. Oh, but do remember, you need to renew your membership BEFORE the 23rd!

Be there: 19:30 on the 23rd October, in the Sailing Club.


Once you have renewed your membership you will be able to buy the much anticipated swim blocks. Buying a block has multiple benefits:

  1. You save money (30% saving vs cash on the door)
  2. You have a guaranteed place in the pool
  3. You get the extra motivation that you need to leave the house to swim on the forthcoming cold, dark evenings!

The blocks are available for either (or both) of the Monday or Thursday leading through until Christmas - roughly 10 swims for each. They do currently include the swim for Monday 12th October (tomorrow) but as it’s possible that a number of you won’t be able to take advantage of this quickly enough, the price will be pro-rated down after Monday. In other words, it will still be great value.