Brighton Tri Sat-athlon: How we start our weekend

As triathletes we can't help ourselves when it comes to multi-sport! Usually we start our weekends bright & early at the Preston Park velodrome for a coached velo session followed by Preston Park parkrun but this weekend we also added a newly introduced Strength & Conditioning session with Coach Leanne. 

This Saturday the coaches introduced the Madison race at the Velo Session. Working in teams of two or three, the teams raced the 'American race' over 12 laps.

Each rider in the team rides part of the distance, handing over to the other member, resting, and then returning to the race. How long each rider stays in the race is for each time to decide. 

At the start of the Madison race, leads go off while pairs wait to jump in to keep the high pace going over 12 laps.

We had three teams out on the track this morning, made up of Bri Triers; Jane, Rosie, Rick, Jason, Juan, Tom & Keith.  

Congratulations to the winning team: Tom & Rocky! Rocky then continued his winning streak as he took first place in Preston Park parkrun, in an impressive PB of 17:17.

The runners-up of the Madison were pair, Jason & Juan. Juan has informed us that he will soon be moving to Spain. We will certainly be sad to him go - as an athlete to coach as well as a friend to train with! 





This Saturday and next 17th, Leanne G is trialling a new Strength & Conditioning half hour session after Preston Park ParkRun when you are all warmed up after the velo and/or the 5k.


The focus is on:

  • Core strength and endurance
  • Glute strength and pelvic stability for running/cycling
  • Balance and proprioception
  • Lower and upper body strength for tri specific muscles

Make sure to watch our facebook & the forum for session updates and hopefully see you next Saturday to do it all again!