Looking ahead: Head Coach Mike's Annual Training Plan

At Brighton Tri Club we are fortunate to have a large and talented body of Coaches. With specialists across swim, bike, run and strength & conditioning, we are able to run an extensive series of sessions throughout the year. Head Coach Mike has put together the following blog in order to shine some light on the thinking behind the sessions and also to highlight who to reach out to / look out for at each training slot! 

Hi all,

Now that the competitive season is behind us, this blog is to share with you all the Annual Training Plan that we’re using as an overall structure for Brighton Tri Club’s coaching over the coming twelve months. I also want to let you know who will be leading on each area over the coming months.

Mike, Head Coach


The Training Plan

At Brighton Tri Club we plan our training using a phased approach through the year to help everyone be in peak condition for the race season in the Summer. The chart below gives an overview of the different phases for our training over the next twelve months:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 13.56.54.png
  • This starts with October being a recovery month, with the emphasis on more relaxed, fun sessions now that all the high intensity race preparation is behind us
  • From November we start gradually working on our endurance base fitness - for example longer swim sets and longer rides that help build up a solid base of heart and lung fitness.
  • Around February-March we’ll decrease the volume in each training area and start upping the intensity, gradually pushing at and increasing the intensity that we can sustain harder efforts without tipping into oxygen debt.  So here’s where hill sprints and shorter swim sets focusing on higher efforts and shorter recoveries start coming in
  • Finally there is the competitive phase where we’re trying to maintain and improve race sharpness - more intervals with an eye on the recoveries.  And throughout the year a big emphasis always on technique.

Strength & Conditioning

We’ll also experiment with introducing a Strength and Conditioning cool down after the Park Run - to be led by Leanne and starting this Saturday. We’ll be looking to incorporate more Strength and Conditioning work and stretching into other sessions.

Leanne Garner, Level 2 Coach, Lifeguard & Strength and Conditioning Lead

New line of support: A Bri Tri Squad


I’m very much hoping we can develop a new line of support, based around the idea of a squad, for those who are targeting GB selection or other highly competitive events in the coming year so we can give more targeted coaching support as needed and develop more of a Bri Tri race team spirit. Once we have shaped how best to take this forward, Graeme Cox will be the squad lead. 

Graeme, Level 2 Coach & Squad Lead

Joint Leads:

With so many coached sessions being held every week we are more and more reliant on the brilliant help and cooperative working of our coaches. As last year, I have asked various coaches if they will take on a role of Joint Leads in each of the disciplines, putting together a more detailed plan for periods within our phased plan. This way we can also deepen our coaches’ expertise in each area.

Very big thanks to Graeme, Rachel, Santi and Ian who have been real stalwarts over long periods - some now ready to take a bit of a break, others to try new areas and some to carry on. I’m very pleased to let you all know that the new line up of Joint Leads is:



Laura Campbell, Level 2 Coach

Leanne Garner, Level 2 Coach


Santi Brage, Level 2 Coach

Mark Lewis, Level 1 Coach

Cathy Kwan, Level 1 Coach


Ian Mclaren, Run Leader

Matt B, Run Leader



And of course in all these areas we can only deliver great coached sessions with the help of all our other coaches not already mentioned: Mal, Matt H, WILL, Jane, Paul, Marie, Sophia, Mat C, Marianne and Dave.

Sussex Tristars

Meantime Sam is doing a brilliant job as Head Coach of Sussex TriStars. Together with Matt H she has great ambitions for a junior section, extending our age range so we cover all ages. Watch this space!

Sam Liddle, Head Coach Sussex Tristars & Level 2 Coach

There’s more detail behind the Annual Plan which I’m happy to share with anyone interested. And as ever I’m very open to suggestions about how we can continue developing the Club’s coaching. Please post up a comment here, email me at mike@brightontri.org or catch me at one of our sessions.