Bri Tri GoTri Training 2019

For summer 2019 we are working with Triathlon England to host GoTri Training events once again here in Brighton.

Designed to teach skills and build confidence, and they’re perfect for beginners, to refresh your memory or for those wanting to boost their confidence.

Summer 2018, as part of Triathlon England's GO TRI programme, we ran four Open Water sessions and a Transition practice for both the general public and club members. You’ll find the details below.

Bri Tri GoTri Training 2018

Open Water sessions

These sessions develop your open water swimming skills, covering a range of skills and are designed to build one on another and covering:

  • How to get into and out of a wetsuit.

  • How to swim in a wetsuit.

  • Swimming in the waves, assuming the weather cooperates.

  • Swimming in groups.

  • Getting comfortable in open water.

  • Practice sighting. open water navigation.

  • Learn how to turn around buoys

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about drafting.

  • Introduction to and top tips for transition

  • Plus informal Q+A sessions.


  1. 16th June 2018- WOMEN ONLY. Book HERE.

  2. 14th July 2018 - GENERAL ENTRY. Book HERE.

  3. 4th August 2018 - GENERAL ENTRY. Book HERE.

  4. 1st September 2018 - GENERAL ENTRY. Book HERE.

All times: 10:30 am.
Cost £15.00 to Non members/ £5 to club members.

These sessions are wet suit compulsory, so you'll need:

  1. wetsuit

  2. swim goggles

  3. flip flops or other foot suitable for making your way to the waters edge

  4. towel

  5. water

  6. warm change of clothes and sunscreen depending on the weather

The Lifeguard station on the beach, at West Pier, Kings Road, Brighton. You will be able to identify the Lifeguard station by its red windbreakers and coloured flags. The nearest landmarks are the bandstand or the Birdcage Bandstand Café Bistro directly below it.

We recommend cycling to the venue, please bring a bike lock. But there is parking on the sea front, adjacent streets and a car park five minutes walk away at Regency Square Car Park, Brighton BN1 2GG, there is no free parking in this area.

Transition Practice

In triathlon, transitions between swim to bike (T1) and bike to run (T2) are sometimes called the fourth discipline, and for many offer the most straightforward method to improve by shaving seconds or even minutes off their race time. This session is designed to cover both transitions, and by the end of the session you will have the skills and knowledge you need!

Skills learnt will include;

  • Running with the bike.

  • Mounting.

  • Dismounting.

  • Racking.

  • Where and when to mount and dismount.

  • Avoiding inadvertent penalties.

You will need to bring:

  1. bike

  2. helmet

  3. race belt, if you have one

  4. trainers

  5. clip in bike shoes, if you use them

  6. water

  7. clothes appropriate for the weather

Cost £15.00 to non-club members/ FREE to club members.
Dates: 1st September 2018, 7.30am. Book HERE.

The session is held in the safe traffic free environment of Preston Park Velodrome, The Ride, Brighton BN1 6LA. BRI TRI coaches will be there to guide you through, there will be plenty of time to practice, perfect your technique and ask lots of questions to the experienced coaches.

We recommend cycling to the venue, but there is parking in The Ride (parking fees and height restrictions apply), and free parking in Preston Drove and streets to the north.

The GO TRI sessions will be delivered by British Triathlon qualified coaches from Brighton Triathlon Club.