MyRide, the story so far..

We’re coming to the end of the second 8 week training block so I thought I’d do a quick update on what’s been happening and what the future looks like.

Withdean Studio.png

If you’re wondering what this is about and you’ve no idea what the clubs MyRide sessions are here’s a brief recap. At the beginning of the year, we were able to get access to the new MyRide studio at Withdean Stadium. It’s similar to a spin studio, but the bikes offer digitally connected power-based training. A bit like Zwift or Trainerroad but all in one room and connected to the same giant screen. Each bike is “tuned” to the rider via a phone app and uses the riders own power data. This way we can all do the same workout in an individually tailored way.

So far it’s proving to be a pretty impressive training tool. From a coaching point of view, we are able to deliver what amounts to individual training in a group environment. A giant leap for group training. Anyone who’s been a regular attendee will attest to the efficacy of the sessions, and we’ve had some very impressive improvements in FTP (functional threshold power).  I’m expecting to see happy faces all round on race day.

It doesn’t just benefit your cycling either. A lot of the threshold work we do is of huge benefit to your run and even your swim. Fitness is Fitness after all. Your heart doesn’t know if you are riding a bike or running up a hill, all it knows is it needs to pump. If you’ve picked up a running niggle or a shoulder tweek and you can still push the pedals, there’s not many better ways to keep your fitness level up while you recover.


So far we’ve done a strength phase with hill climbs and some big gear work, we followed up with an FTP build using longer sweet spot intervals and recently we’ve been doing a VO2 max block to add a bit of extra speed. All that may sound like complicated coaching speak, but as a participant, all you have to do is pedal till the screen goes yellow, or blue or green or whichever effort level is required. Simple and complex all at the same time. Simplexity.

Unlike the old Turbo sessions, we’ve decided to keep these going through the spring and summer (subject to popularity). For the next series of training blocks, we’ll be doing “peak” period workouts. We’re working to a general plan across all sessions (Swim bike and run) that assumes the summer is race time. The MyRide sessions will be a mix of everything we’ve done so far with an emphasis on maintaining speed and keeping you sharp for the season. If you imagine a 2-hour road ride with a few hills, some sprints and a bit of a race (yes there’s a race mode !) all squashed into an hour, that’s what we’ll be doing. The upcoming sessions should be a lot of fun.

So if you haven’t been involved so far there’s no reason not to take the plunge now. New blocks are on sale or you can join the Whatsapp group and take one of the PAYG seats to try it out.

You can find out more on the website with links to the blocks and the Whatsapp group.