MyRide update.

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I realise we get new members all the time and some of you may have no idea what's going on with our indoor training. I also think it's worth updating the old hands with what we are doing in the next 8-week block.

Race season is racing up on us fast, so we need to start adding some speed to all that lovely base we've been building over the winter. We'll be adding back the VO2 max intervals as the block progresses. We all remember how much fun they were! Come race day you'll be smashing it.

These sessions follow less of a structured block approach than the previous two blocks, and each session stands alone quite well. While doing the whole block is best, if you can't, then dropping in and out of these sessions will work as part of your training plan. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced athlete, they'll add another level of quality to your training.

If you've never been to a session and want to have go, you'll need to get on the WhatsApp group and put your name down for a seat. We keep spare seats for every session.

If you want to secure a seat in advance you'll need to buy a block, Friday is sold out, but there are Monday blocks available. All the info is on the webpage including how to get on the WhatsApp group, visit the club’s website